Smart Carryon Speaker

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Smart Carryon SpeakerAll-metal Mini Body | 110 dBA High-volume Speaker | Remote Control Selfie. Supports handsfree phone calls, high quality and high performance sound.

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Smart Carryon SpeakerAll-metal Mini Body | 110 dBA High-volume Speaker | Remote Control Selfie

  1. All-metal BodyAnodised Aluminium with CNC and Sand-blasting process, delicate texture, firm and anti-abrasive.
  2. Powerful Carry-on Pendant3.3 x 3.3 x 3.5cm, 38 cm3 Button Body.
  3. Free of Burden60g in whole weight, equivalent of half a watch.
  4. Upgrade Your Comfort
    Equipped with American TQ30 decoding chip, powerfully analyzing richer musical details, providing delicate background music for you anytime.
  5. Enhance Your Experience110dBA high-volume tailored speaker, with full low pitch and resonant high pitch, offering enhanced mobile video and music experience for you anytime.
  6. Enhance Your Efficiency
    Built-in 360° omnidirectional microphone, enabling your distance meeting like a face-to-face talk, improving communication efficiency for your team anytime.
  7. One-button Selfie, Convenient and Practical
    With the specially designed human engineering button at the bottom of CS2, it provides remote control photographing anytime, without installing any APP, fully compatible with assorted iOS or Android cellphones.
  8. Anytime, anywhere
    Equipped with QC 2-standard active sound equaliser, dynamically adjusting the background noises, providing clear calling effect for you in different environments. Meanwhile, CS2 also provides incoming phone number announcement, one-button pick-up and hang-off and other hands-free services.
  9. Fully compatible, Bluetooth-enabledBuilt-in new-generation Bluetooth 4.1 chip, fully compatible to assorted smart devices, including cellphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, as long as there is a Bluetooth; A connection distance of about ten meters.
  10. IP54 Water and Dust Resistance
    The whole body has IP54 water and dust resistance. Whether indoor or outdoor, CS2 provides richer application scenes for you.
  11. Fast-chargeable and Durable200mA long-effective battery, with 30 mins for fast charge and 5 hours for co


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